About Us

Founded in the year of 1977, C&F Enterprise is firmly established as the pioneer and leading manufacturer in snack food in Sabah, Malaysia.  A progressive company with dynamic management, Hari Hari is renowned for its popular, premium brands like Coco Delite, Abangku Cheese, Abangku Udang and so much more.  It is the epitome of a medium-size company that has extensive experience and successful presence in its field of specialty.

 Our Goal

C&F's goal is to have its products extensively marketed on the shelves of other countries in Asia, USA and Europe in the very near future as the world market is becoming borderless with trade globalization and liberalization.

  • Certification
  • Halal Certification
  • Food Safety Management System
  • Halal certification, Certified by JAKIM MALAYSIA,REG NO:  492/2 1079-02/2004



Pioneers with foresight, cultivated professional management concepts and practices synced into C&F’s operation holistically are all key indiviuals selected as follow through of the company’s decision to do bussiness proper since 1977.  
Practicing and branding and activation to help propel the brand and products further, the company has implemented long term initiatives that include training of staffs and workforce to be more adapt in utilizing cutting edge in food manufacturing procedure and the incorporation of policies and professional management concepts.


Our network of partners, shops and markets has a bigger and wider network comprising of minit mart, super mart and hyper market in addition to distributors, agents, OEMs, customers and retailers, through outs East and West Malaysia.
Beyond that, we have worked our ways into the hearts or rather the stomachs of many in Singapore, Oman, Brunei, Indonesia, Dubai, New Zealand.